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    David Burton

    On reviewing the speaker schedule for the past theee years, some popular topics have been fairly well covered and may not bear repeating. Other topics might be considered too niche to be of interest to most members, so that leaves an interesting course to plot:
    Repeat popular topics from the past, or
    Introduce new topics which may or may not be popular.

    Neither The April AGM nor ‘Dry January’ require speaking invitations; leaving ten slots to fill.
    Some ideas to consider include:
    1. USA, excluding West Coast
    2. Chilean wines
    3. Unusual grape varietals
    4. Aldi versus M&S (following Lidl versus Waitrose)
    5. Winter warmers
    6. Summer sparkles
    7. Parker points: what do they mean, and are they better?
    8. South of France
    9. Turkish wines
    10. Tasting technique (reprise)
    11. Christmas party
    12. Local vendors (e.g. Filipetto’s)

    So there is a dozen to start with, what have I missed, what else is hot, new or fresh which could be added?

    I can’t guarantee that all ideas will be converted in 18/19, but I’m keen on fresh ideas.



    Clifton Melvin


    A few thoughts:

    Greek wines – much improved from the old Retsina and Domestica (aka Domestos) days

    Sweet wines

    A speaker from the Wine Society

    Cheers, Clifton

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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